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Who has the thickest hair?

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Who has the thickest hair?

This is genetically predisposed to our roots, researchers have found. But it's possible to outwit the genetic hair length and affect your hair growth through good care can positively: To breed her beautiful and healthy long hair!

We have long been suspected and now we know for sure. The hair length is different from person to person and is already set when we are not even in the world.

In the hair roots is the genetic hereditary factor for a particular hair length. So there are a predetermined length, which we do not come out.

Rarely, however, the full length of hair is achieved. This in turn is related to hygiene, nutrition and lifestyle. The hair thickness, however, is determined by the natural hair color.

Blonde hair is the thinnest, for quantity more than black hair. Red hair is thickest. It has been estimated that the number of individual hairs are per color set as follows:

Red: thick, but only about 90,000 hairs
Black: about 100,000 hairs
Brunette: about 110,000 hairs
Blonde: 150,000 hairs

blonde hair thick red hair thick black hair thick brown hair thick


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