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Undercut bob hairstyles ideas

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Undercut bob hairstyles ideas

Trendy bob hairstyles - The bob with undercut proves that a bob hairstyle is anything but boring. This haircut gives you a cheeky, youthful look.

But you like undercut bob hairstyles!!! Maybe even it's your favourite hairstyle and you can't imagine your live without it :)

What can you DO to keep a short bob haircuts??? Be resourceful!!!

undercut bob hairstyles ideas

purple bob-with side undercut

pastel color undercut bob hairstyles

A bob with undercut is a real eye-catcher: while the long pony falls to one side, is shaved on the other head more or less large an undercut. If you are still unsure about whether the hairstyle is right for you, start with a smaller undercut - you can still shave later.

undercut bob

clipped neck

Bob with Undercut: Styling Tips

This bob hairstyle is particularly good when the long hair parts are styled wildly and strubbeligig. After washing, knead plenty of gel or mousse in your hair and blow dry it overhead. Very fine hair can be used to make a more voluminous effect even to short bob hairstyles.

There is also an eye-catching make-up for the cheeky hair style. How about glamorous smoky eyes in dark gray tones? Seductive, cracked lips match this.

undercut bob neon blue

malvina undercut bob styles

Undercut Hide

Do you find this hairstyle great, but have been afraid that the bob with undercut may not arrive at work so well? Do not worry! Just comb a little of the long coat hair over the undercut - and it has already disappeared visually. After the end of the evening you simply release him.

ballerina undercut bob hairstyle

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