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The Hairstyles technique

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The Hairstyles technique

Philipp Hofstetter experiments in a salon "Glamoury" in Berlin with color powders, which only superficially adhere to not overly straining the cuticle of the hair in extreme colors.

The Hairstyles technique

You need a symbiosis of many similar tones. Even bright colors I try to impart a natural course. So get into the tips only a few places strong nuances to the fore, which already can act almost faded. In contrast, the color depth should be much more pronounced at the base. To give more color texture, I mix in Pink added in some places orange or purple. "

Hairstyles for home

"Kevin Murphy 'Color Bug' is an uncomplicated solution that works on light and on dark hair and is then simply washed out again." To fix the powder recommended Philipp Hofstetter a matt, solid wax (for example, 'Night Rider' by Kevin Murphy) or hairspray (eg 'Session Spray' by Kevin Murphy) as a base. "Only at these sites liable of powder. For highly colored sections can be hidden easily again with a brush." An alternative: Clip Extensions (for example HairContrast) in the same or varying Haarton with Federnzierde.

The right hairstyle shade

"Depending on the required statement of the customer I pay attention to the tone and reflects against the cold or warm expression. Red tones and copper have green eyes shine even more. In a very reddish skin complementary colors have a balancing effect."

The hair care

Special care products extend the shelf life of extreme colors (for example, 'Protection Wash' and 'Rinse hydrates Me' by Kevin Murphy). Waive strong cleansing shampoos and anti-dandruff preparations. "I especially love the conditioner 'hydrates Me Rinse' by Kevin Murphy with bush plum extract, microalgae and antioxidants Of Rinse only 60 percent -. Then let the hair extremely style shiny and weightless works with both plain and with wavy or curly hair. . "

The Hairstyling

"Creping, backcombing, straightening, waves, hairspray - everything is allowed Important: the styling should not be too tidy.."


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