How to wear scarf on head

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How to wear scarf on head

Because the scarves in the hair usually it means a smell of the summer, the beautiful weather, the sun begins to heat the epidermis! The glasses with fresh, the sea for the lucky ones, the gormones flood for the others.

It is therefore with pleasure that we present these inspirations scarf on head to you today. You will watch How to wear scarf on head with nice hairstyles around the same accessory: a scarf stamped by the initials of the mark and in limited series.

Hairstyles with a scarf is always stylish and appealing view. The scarf styles is very good choice almost to any occasions.

You can reproduce these hairstyles regardless of your hair length. And it seems that whatever your level. We tried to choose hairstyles accessible, quick to do whether it is for a summer evening or an afternoon at the beach.

If you have curly, wavy, frizzy hair: You can make the first two hairstyles easily. Some advise to you to realize the braid on wet hair to avoid to take your fingers in your scarf on head.

Here was used the Algae Spray and Flowers brand. It is perfect for drawing ripples, curls. Whether natural or not! In bathroom it may completely replaced the sea water spray that tended to dry out the hair.

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