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Hair color has become one fashion statement

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Hair color has become one fashion statement

It is hardly surprising that street style photographers preferred to photograph a VOGUE editor Sarah Harris. When her silver hair shimmering in the sunlight of fashion cities, no one can look away. "A woman with gray hair stands out from the monotonous crowd," says top stylist Kevin Murphy in an interview with Vogue. "The courage to gray hair, whether natural or dyed, evidence of a strong personality."

VOGUE: More and more women wear gray hair. Is it new hairstyle trend??

Kevin Murphy: The reason is that more and more women wish for less effort and fewer chemicals. In addition, women stand out with gray hair from the monotonous mass. The hair color has become one fashion statement, the self-confidence, intelligence and life experience radiates. New Hair Care textures have also favors the trend.

VOGUE: In what way?

Gray Hair often is dull, curls and looks brittle. Thanks to new anti-aging products, which lie like a protective sheath around the hair, you can maintain beautiful gray hair. In my "Young.Again" line I use phospholipids which close the cuticle and prevent the loss of valuable moisture. In addition, provide anti-aging hair care products scalp with nutrients and antioxidants act on the surface tension of the hair. What can you do against unsightly yellow shades?

I recommend treatments for blond hair, which include a slight purple cast. Also shampoos with fruit acid and sugar cane extracts are particularly well suited for gray hair because it is clean as a gentle exfoliation and smooth. Great side effect: The hair has more bounce back.

VOGUE: Are there any products that are taboo for gray hair?

Styling creams have gray hair often appear dull. Often then accesses gloss products, in turn, complain there by residues. The right care makes smoothing serums and the like unnecessary.

VOGUE: What haircuts bring the silvery trend color to its best advantage?

Long serial sections are ideal, curls, however, are difficult. I would plead for a clear, slim silhouette or a haircut with minimalist swing.

VOGUE: What should you, if you want the hair gray stain?

Silver Hair is generated from an artificial white or pale yellow tone. The required bleaching often dries the hair out strong. With dark hair which is very costly. Light hair can be very simple contrast color gray - and the effect is stunning, provided that the hair shines and looks like ice.


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