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Finally beautiful hair!

Finally beautiful hair!

Only hairs which are practically parallel and form an almost smooth surface can shine. Thus combing is important. On the myth of the 100 brush strokes has a point - but it may also be less.

To dye from dark to light color is more difficult than vice versa, as a whitening usually stages expires, so as not to take up too much hair. If dyeing from light to dark, dark colors can slip into green or violet light - so you should not use the purple tones but, use natural color.

Much does not always help much. Instead of multiple products at superimposed layers, they should be targeted to apply: Spray volume at the base provides stability, a serum on the tips moisturizes. Depending on the weather, the hair may have different care needs - sometimes it's dry, on other use the other proper product.

After recent hype it's now all about reflection and luminosity. Whether Styling cream with UV Glow or golden luster dust: The new generation of products has won the "Flash-light effect" for a special surface sheen.

Since curls naturally drier and more sensitive, should be used as the coloring tints gentle colors without ammonia and substantive pigments. Natural shades emphasize the natural hair color.


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