Bald or No Bald

Bald or No Bald

A cientific studies declares that men with a such contradictory dignity as bald head are perceived by women as more masculine, dominant and strongest representatives of the mankind.

So if you suddenly get bald don’t worry so much! Perhaps the live is just begin.

Females often perceive men with a bald or shaved head as more confident persons. And you should gain a confidence with such attention from ladies.

Women looking at a man’s face at first notice the hair on a head. Therefore, in the absence of such thing on the top, women start to look at the eyes. Because it's the second spot where women drop their curious views.

And, as we all know, the eye contact is most important issue in the bussiness of seduction. The bald men has a couple more seconds to make a good impression on female. They are able to maintain eye-contact a little longer and can create a rapport more easily.

Dear bald gentlemen! Use your natural advantage at 100%.

And please, whatever you or are going to do, DO NOT grow a comb over to try hiding your baldness.


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Bald or No Bald comments

Trisha G.

I adore a man with a bald head


some women love a shaved head and a bald man. A matter of taste

Roger Simon

ladies are only considering attractiveness as cash availability. bald you are or like a gorilla. it doesn't matter


So the answer to the question is - the women attracted to bald men?


Thank you for your info

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