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Fashion has a great influence on the beauty world. Hairstyles are not excluded. But it is the huge part of it. The Top Hairstyles in 2016 include curls and waves, which are quite natural in the Undone look. What we should to wait in 2017? What is new is that only the hairpin is curled and the tips remain smooth. So the hairstyle looks more modern and natural.

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The good news: delicate and natural blond shades and a powerful chocolate brown remain a trend. To give the look but a twist, the hair is dyed in different nuances of a color. This creates a beautiful curve with delicate shimmer effects.

You want to know what is the 2017 Hairstyles Trends? We will do our best to show you the top hairstyles and the hottest hair color of the year! Hairstyles are constantly changing, as are the perceptions of hairdressing and fashion experts. Some exciting hairstyle trends will evolve in 2017, and will be combined with other trends to give a unique and modern look.

What is the most popular hair length? What color to choose? What style is in trend?

First advice to 2017 - With a curl you can give the hair light waves. These natural shafts belong to the hairstyle centers in 2017. In 2016, Clavi-Cuts with a straight length can be seen, the hair in the new year are worn shorter and forward longer.

Long hair is also easy to keep, so that the hair gently fall and the face play. The top hairstyles in 2017 thus appear overall airy and soft.

Hair Trends 2017: Back to Basics

Balayage, Ombre or Tortoiseshell: these hair colors also remain a trend in 2017. But on the international catwalks was clearly marked: the tendency clearly goes in the direction "back to nature". Natural hair colors created with the so-called "freehand technique" are and are becoming more and more popular. The best example: the natural sun-kissed Ecaille look.

If you can not do anything with a natural look, you can also wear your hair in striking colors in 2017. But also pink or blue will be significantly matte and less shrill next year.

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